Safety swiches Save Lives!

A safety switch can prevent a tragedy in your home. Every year serious injuries and deaths occur in Queensland homes as a result of electric shock. Something as basic as a faulty appliance or damage to an electrical cable may be all it takes.

They are designed to cut the supply of electricity in a fraction of a second when a harmful level of electricity is detected leaking to earth. Never attempt to do your own electrical work. It’s dangerous, illegal, and can be fatal. By law, all electrical work must be carried out by a licensed electrical contractor.

Did you know?

A licensed electrical contractor can only do installation work in your home if a safety switch is installed.

How to fit a safety switch?

Permanent safety switches must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor. You will need to contact your local Fallon Services Master Electrician.

Power Tripping?

If you have a safety switch installed but it currently turns off the power, there may be a fault present. Reset the safety switch – if it operates again, the last appliance plugged in will be the most likely cause. Do not use the appliance until it has been checked by a licensed electrical contractor. If you continue to have problems, contact your licensed electrical contractor.

Think safety for your family

To make sure you are getting maximum protection from your safety switch, make sure it works – every three months (refer to manufacturers instructions). A great way to remember this is to do it whenever you receive an electricity bill.

Buying, selling or renting?

Safety switches have been compulsory in all new Queensland homes since July 1992. However, they may be missing from homes built before that time. If there is no safety switch on the premises, one must be installed within three months of the settlement date.

Leased domestic residences are required by law to have safety switches installed for all power points. If the property you are renting does not have a safety switch installed, contact your landlord and advise them of their legal requirement to have safety switch protection installed by a licensed electrical contractor

Although safety switches are a proven method of saving lives they cannot substitute proper electrical maintenance and safe practices.

Fallon Solutions team are licensed Master Electricians. They can install safety switches, test safety switches and provide sound advice when it comes to Safety Switches. Contact them today.