Sensor lights leading the way

The installation of sensor lights gives the advantage of lighting that is automatically turned off or on when you enter or leave an area. They can be conveniently adjusted to light levels and to time. If you have an area that receives a lot of natural light the artificial lighting will only be activated when the light drops below a predetermined level.

Some models feature an electronic ear that works in conjunction with movement; these are great for meeting rooms, boardrooms and staff lunch rooms, resulting in a reduction of running costs, a reduction in CO2 emissions, which is better for the environment plus the bonus of extended lamp and fitting life.

With the ongoing increase in energy costs and the demand on users to comply with relevant Government targets and Building Regulations, it makes good sense for us to take control of our energy usage and introduce energy-saving initiatives into our homes and workplaces.

Pierlite Sense 2

Motion sensor

The original ‘Infrascan’; motion sensor was developed by Clipsal and still remains a popular choice with the wider community, due to its reliability, durability, 5 year warranty and ease of installation and operation. As well as achieving energy savings of between 30% and 50%. Designed to conveniently turn lights on automatically when movement is detected and turn them off again after a preset time. Around the home, they’re suitable for:

  • open plan areas,
  • single rooms,
  • offices,
  • laundries,
  • toilets,
  • walk-in robes,
  • hallways and
  • pantries.

The outdoor sensor lights operate in all weather conditions and feature a long-range detection, with immunity to false triggering. Suitable for:

  • garages,
  • driveways,
  • verandahs and
  • all outdoor living areas.

Convenience and security lighting

Available in 90, 110 and 360-degree detection ranges, the outdoor sensor lights are not only convenient around the busy household but give the added benefit and peace of mind of security lighting, warding off unwelcome trespassers, whether you’re at home or not.

Eco lighting

Presence detectors are the ideal choice for controlling lighting in office areas as they are designed to detect large movements, as well as smaller, intermittent movements, such as someone working at a desk. When the area is unoccupied, the lighting will automatically switch off, reducing energy usage.

Hager’s ‘eco-efficient presence detectors have been proven to cut lighting consumption by up to 70% in these applications.

The light measuring properties of presence detectors are superior to those of the motion sensor lights. They are used to harvest natural light in the room by controlling the lighting during periods of high, ambient natural light levels, thus avoiding the unnecessary use of energy.

Simple and effective, eco lighting control

The ‘eco-efficient presence detector, or eco lighting, can be installed for many applications around the home and workplace where sensor lights have previously taken pride of place and boast a multitude of properties:

  • lighting can be controlled automatically, depending on the presence of natural light levels,
  • they offer three levels of light regulation,
  • user comfort is enhanced by eliminating the ‘cave’ effect when working in an office or study,
  • energy saving by presence detecting and natural light-harvesting,
  • detectors include a regulating photocell to ensure consistent light levels,
  • 360 degrees detection with a range of 7 metres in diameter at floor level, when mounted at 2.4 metres,
  • manual override by the use of remote control or wall switch,
  • 7 year warranty.

As our lighting use consumes the largest amount of energy in most commercial buildings and around the home, it makes sense to manage it efficiently.

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