Signs that Say “This Calls for a Deck Repair”

As the seasons pass, your home deck is subjected to a variety of weather conditions and temperatures that will most likely cause it to deteriorate over time. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so make sure that you regularly check if a deck repair job is already in order. It’s actually pretty simple to verify if it’s time for such steps to be undertaken – a quick but thorough inspection of your deck should clue you in on the existence of the following problems:

1. Loose screws and nails

Check your ledger board (the wood that holds up the deck and keeps it attached to the house) and see if there are any missing screws. The ledge must be fastened properly at all times; otherwise, your deck is an accident waiting to happen. Be especially vigilant about this – our handymen and carpenters say that this is one of the most common deck problems they encounter, particularly with do-it-yourself deck installations. Keeping the ledger boards in place is only half of the safety equation, though. Make sure to check the joist hangers as well, and see if they’re all securely nailed in place.

2. Wobbly or broken deck boards

It goes without saying that broken deck boards need to be replaced immediately. However, in the case of a wobbly deck, it pays to be a bit more careful. Check underneath your deck and see if the floor’s condition is still okay, and if the joists seem out of place or if the boards seem weak, call for a specialist to do the necessary repairs and replacements.

3. Shaky railings and other loose components

Your deck’s railings will become loose over time; it’s pretty much a given. That’s because shifting weather tends to wreak havoc on your railings, making them all loose and rickety. In these cases, it’s time to call for someone to repair or even replace your railings. Make sure to check for other loose parts on your deck, though – it pays to be a little extra cautious when you start hearing odd creaks on your deck.

4. Rotting beams and deteriorating support poles

Beams and support poles need to be in great condition unless you want your deck to come crashing down. When you start finding that your support beams are gradually breaking down, call a carpenter immediately to have the poles replaced.

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