Simple tips and tricks to be more water efficient

It’s a tough time for Australia as bush fires are spreading across the land rapidly and the drought crisis continues. In times like these, water should be conserved more consciously than ever.

There are simple day to day things that we can all implement to minimise our water usage, this guide will show you how.

In the kitchen

  • Upgrade to water efficient appliances and fixtures. Check the star rating on your appliances; the more stars it has, the more water efficient it is.
  • Install low-flow taps
  • Plug the sink or use a bowl to wash your fruit and vegetables
  • Make sure your dishwasher is fully loaded before turning it on, don’t run a cycle when there are only a few dirty dishes inside.

In the laundry & bathroom

Man and girl doing laundry
  • Did you know that showering accounts for around 34% of all household water usage? An easy way to significantly reduce water consumption is to limit your showers to 5 minutes.
  • Leaving the tap running when brushing your teeth can waste up to 10 litres per minute, so make sure to turn it off
  • Consider having low flow showerheads installed
  • Make sure your toilet is energy efficient
  • Use the half flush whenever you can
  • Check all your tabs and your toilet for water leaks
  • Don’t wash every single piece of clothing when it’s dirty, do a whole load when you got a bunch of things that need to be washed

In the garden

Watering garden
  • Install a rainwater tank
  • Water your plants with greywater
  • Use a broom or a leaf blower instead of the water hose to get rid of leaves, dirt etc.
  • Work on a water efficient garden by checking your sprinklers regularly, installing irrigation and using mulch to keep the moisture in.

For more handy water saving gardening tips, watch this helpful video by Toowoomba Region below: