Solar panels are now saving you more

A recent survey conducted nationwide by Choice has found a 60% decrease in solar system prices over the last 6 years. Thats a whopping 10% per year and as a result the average payback time of a new system has been brought down to approximately 5 years.

With the constant rise in electricity prices which accounts for around 2.5% of the average household spending its no wonder more and more Australians are switching to alternative power.

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Installation

Out of nearly half the people surveyed 17% experienced delays or problems with the installation when using bigger companies whilst the remaining 35% were quite satisfied with the service from independent/local electricians .

Solar Payback Times

Half of the people surveyed claimed that the payback period for their new system was either the same or shorter than they were originally told by the installer. However, one in 10 claimed that it was longer.

Technical Surveyed Solar Issues

Typically if a solar system has a problem it will most probably be the inverter . Four in five inverter issues happened within the warranty period during the survey.

Solar Power Performance

Many of the people surveyed claimed to actively watch their solar panels performance. Unfortunately just under half still relied on their quarterly power bill in order to keep up to date with their electrical output.

Saving more with Solar

Keeping your solar panels clean will ensure that they will continue to work with maximum efficiency. Grid-connected systems have an average feed-in tafriff of 27 cents per kiloWatt-hour. NSW systems are reported to be the lowest at 12 cents/kWh. Less than 10% of households have a battery connected to their solar system although more and more people are contemplating installing one.

Fallon Solutions for Solar Systems

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