South East Queensland Heatwave

With the weekend heatwave reaching record levels, South East Queensland has already had a taste of the predicted long hot summer. Temperatures reaching 43.5 degrees Celsius in some areas have prompted warnings to take care in the heat.

Brisbane reached a top of 38.7 degrees Celsius on Saturday. Paramedics responded to many calls for help in the heat.

The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting a more than 70% chance of exceeding the long-term median maximum temperatures for January to March 2014.

This all adds up to the need for efficient home cooling. Use your air conditioner correctly and your house can stay cool this summer. Remember:

  • 24 to 27 degrees is the most efficient temperature to run your aircon.
  • Close doors to unnecessary rooms to minimise the area that needs to be cooled.
  • Close curtains to keep out heat.
  • Use ceiling fans and pedestal fans to distribute the cool air.
  • Keep your air conditioner clean. Remove filters and clean to maximise cooling and efficiency.

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