Spring Into Your Garden – 10 Gardening Tips For Suburban SEQ

As the days are getting longer and we kiss the chilly weather goodbye, now is the time to get your garden ready for summer. So grab a shovel, dig out your gumboots and get started with our 10 gardening tips for spring!

    1. Weed your Garden This is not a lot of fun, but if you do it thoroughly it will pay off as the smallest weeds can overtake a garden with the seasonal rain.
    2. Fertilise Australian soil is mostly nutrient-poor and contains a lot of salt and clay, so it’s important to prepare it before planting. Dig the ground beforehand and add some gypsum to the soil.
    3. Sow Seed Spring is the best time to plant cuttings and to sow seed. Get started now and you will be thankful for all the blooming flowers, fresh veggies and herbs in the summertime.
    4. Use Organic Mulch Remember to top up on mulch before the summer heat strikes. It gets rid of encroaching weed and saves water.
    5. Pot Plants Pot overgrown plants into larger containers, trim indoor pot plants, fertilise and spray them with insect control.

    •  Pest Control Termites love a moist and warm climate and attack garden timber, so make sure you get your wooden tools off the ground. Consider using natural pesticides for your veggie garden.
    •  Check your Irrigation System Does the sprinkler system work, do I need a new watering can, how’s the garden hose looking?
    •  Organise your Garden Shed The garden shed is a perfect place for storage and keeping everything in its place. But unfortunately, a lot of times it’s anything but organised. Most of us are guilty of throwing garden tools and outdoor furniture in them without too much thought through winter. Now is the right time to re-organise your shed, so you’ll be able to find all the right tools straight away.
    • Get the right tools If you can’t find the tool you need, even though your shed is organised, then you should probably arrange them, so you’re perfectly prepared for your gardening projects. When it comes to more expensive equipment that you won’t need to use frequently, ask your neighbour to lend it to you.
    •  Consider hiring a gardener Summer can be full of BBQs and entertaining, and it can be hard to find time to get everything done by yourself. Why not have a professional do the job for you? That way you’ll be free to enjoy your garden without having to lift a finger!