Stay safer up there, switch off down here

Electrical Safety Queensland has launched the ‘Stay safer up there, switch off down here’ campaign which highlights the need to switch off before working within the ceiling space of your home.

There is a serious risk of electrical shock from electrical wiring when working in the ceiling space.

The awareness campaign reminds homeowners, residents, and tradespeople to always turn off ALL power at the switchboard before entering the ceiling space to carry out any work. Once you’ve switched off remember to:

  • Tape switches or label them so someone else doesn’t turn them back on while you’re up there
  • Let someone else in the house know you’re up in the ceiling working
  • Ensure you turn off ALL switches; ovens, hot water systems, and solar power systems often have their own main switch.
  • Avoid contact with electrical cables while you are in the ceiling space, they may still be live
  • Use cordless tools to avoid the need for power cables
  • Never do your own electrical work, always use a licenced electrician

Stay safer up there, switch off down here

Remember, always turn the main power off

Electrical safety in the home

If you would like more information on the ‘Stay safer up there, switch off down here’ electrical safety campaign, or to order your free brochure with reminder stickers for the manhole cover and switchboard visit –

Worried about the electrical safety of your home? Anything from a broken powerpoint or faulty appliance to damaged electrical wiring can pose a hazard to those living or working around your home. Protect your family by ensuring your place is electrically safe with an electrical safety check. Book in by calling our service team on 1300 762 260 or complete our online booking form today.

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