Surge Protection during Storm Season

During Storm season our electricians visit many homes that have experienced damage to appliances throughout their home caused by power surges brought on by lighting strikes nearby.

Burned power board photo

The most frequent method used to protect against power surges is with a surge protecting power board which automatically severs the electrical connection whenever a power surge is detected, thereby saving your valuable electrical equipment from damage.

What isn’t widely known however is that these surge protector power boards are quite expensive and generally don’t protect everything in your home. To achieve total coverage you would have to install a surge protecting power board on every power point in the home which comes with a hefty price tag.

What’s the alternative?

Whole house surge protection is easily achievable by installing a surge protection device into the power board itself.

Switchboard photo

This means that whenever a power surge is detected, anything in your home that is plugged into a power point will be safe because the surge is blocked at the point where power enters your home, rather than right before the power point in your living room (for example).

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