Are you saving all you can on your pool?

Tariff 33 is an Off-Peak or Economy Tariff that is 40% cheaper than the normal Tariff 11. The only difference, aside from the savings, is that it is only available for around 18 hours a day (off-peak times). This is ideal for your pool as there is no reason you need to run it during peak times.

What’s changed with tariff 33?

In the past to take advantage of Tariff 33, you needed to have an electrician hardwire your appliances (Pool Pump) to the Tariff 33. This made it very hard to replace the pumps or to send in to be repaired as you needed to get an electrician first to detach the wiring.

Not anymore. Now you can get an electrician to wire a normal power point to Tariff 33, meaning you can just plug your pool pump in.

What savings can I make on Tariff 33?

It is estimated that a pool pump running average times on Tariff 11 will cost around $550/year. In this situation, connecting to Tariff 33 could save approximately $235/year.

But wait, that’s not all you can save

Both Energex and Ergon are offering cashback offers when you switch your pool pump over to Tariff 33 to help offset the cost of getting an electrician. Ergon is offering $350 and Energex $250. Energex is offering a further $100 if you connect your hot water system.

What are you waiting for?

If you would like to save some money and don’t currently have your pool running on Tariff 33, why not give us a call on 1300 762 260.