The 5 easiest options for safer, more pure drinking water

Water is one of our basic needs and we consume it every day without thinking twice about it. We’re fortunate that in Australia we generally have good quality water, so why do so many people choose to filter it?

Benefits of filtering drinking water

Filtering water provides extra health benefits, improves the taste and can even prevent damage to your plumbing and appliances. It’s also a more environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water. Water filters remove particles and contaminants that cause bad taste and odour. They remove any unwanted natural and unnatural impurities such as sediment, excess treatment chemicals, dirt, rust and more.

So what are the most common types of in-home water filtration systems?

  •  Under sink filters

Under sink filters are installed under your kitchen bench, so they’re out of sight and don’t clutter up your bench space. They can filter large amounts of water and the filters are less likely to clog than jug or tap mounted filters.

  •  Whole house water filter systems

With a whole house system, you can enjoy purified water at every outlet in your house. You can get this filtration system with UV protection that kills bacteria with Radfire ultraviolet technology: an eco-friendly & chemical-free process for even more purification.

  •  Jug filters

Jug filters are only practical if you only want to filter a small amount of water. They’re cheap, but some are slow and clog easily.

  •  Tap mounted filters

They’re small and easy to use, but they can slow down the water flow and you can’t use them on all taps.

  •  Countertop filters

If you don’t mind a filter cluttering up your bench space, this filter might be for you. It can filter large amounts of water and is less likely to clog than a jug or a tap mounted filter.

If you would like to know more about water filtration options, our highly trained plumbers can provide the best advice for your needs.