The Block – Renovation Safety

Renovations come with a mix of challenges, and there are plenty of those on this season of The Block. In the midst of all the excitement of renovating and stress to meet deadlines, safety can often be overlooked.

Contestants Sarah and Jason fell victim to their ignorance when their house was shut down due to serious electrical safety concerns. Exposed wires, unfinished fittings, and a meter box left unfinished were all a recipe for an unsafe worksite, leading to the decision to stop work immediately until the issues were addressed by an electrician.

We have some tips to keep you, your family and your workers safe throughout your renovation project.

Firstly, and most importantly, all electrical and plumbing work must be completed by a licensed tradesperson. Anything that requires the handling of electricity, hazardous materials and sewerage must only be addressed by an electrician, plumber or relevant licensed tradesperson.

Anything from a light fitting, replacing or moving powerpoints and aerials, to bigger jobs such as switchboard upgrades or rewiring, must be done by a licensed electrician, it’s the law.

An electrician can also ensure that your design meets safety legislation, particularly in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms where electrical fixtures or appliances may come into contact with water. In some cases, you may be limited in your options so it’s best to speak to an electrician about this.

You’ll also need to make sure that your renovated home meets the new smoke alarm legislation of 2017.

Plumbing dangers are also a concern, particularly with hot water systems, piping and sewerage. You should always have a licensed plumber attend to any drain or sewerage problems as they have the correct equipment for a long-term solution. Hot water needs must also only be addressed by a plumber as they have the correct equipment and are best qualified to handle the systems.

A licensed plumber also has knowledge and experience with various plumbing fixtures that you may not realise are a danger to your home and safety, such as Flexi hoses.

Using licensed, professional tradespeople means that you can have peace of mind regarding the safety of your renovation, giving you more time to focus on the other aspects that need your attention throughout the project.