The effects of an electric shock are more than you realise

The topic of electrical safety is not a new one, nor is it one that is taken lightly. As everyone knows, electricity can be dangerous if not used properly or if an electrical appliance has a fault – it has been ingrained in us since we were kids and continues into adulthood. You tell your children not to touch electrical power points, you don’t place a knife in the toaster if your toast is stuck, you don’t touch electrical wires that are exposed… all the choices that come as instinct are what protects us from electric shocks.

What people don’t realise however is that a slip-up, which results in even a minor electric shock, can have effects you weren’t aware of. As stated by Worksafe, there is no such thing as a safe shock and electric shocks can have more lasting damage than you realise. Electric shocks don’t only cause physical damage, such as burnt skin and burnt muscles, however, there are less well-known mental issues both in the short and long term.

Electrical safety

If someone suffers an electric shock, no matter how minor, they should always be checked to ensure no immediate damage can be seen. This can include irregular heart rhythm, eye problems, hearing issues and burns and then, not long after, internal burning to nerves and other areas that currently have passed through. But, effects that may not be able to be seen until a few weeks to a few months later are the psychological issues that can occur. This can include depression and phobias surrounding electric shock, as well as cognitive changes around the ability to plan things and personality changes. These are things that people don’t necessarily think about first when getting an electric shock, but are absolutely something to consider.

The big thing to remember is that prevention of electric shock is much better than having to treat electric shock after it has occurred, so always stay smart when it comes to electrical safety.

For more information regarding the effects that electric shocks can help on the body, head to the Worksafe Health and Safety website and watch their latest video regarding electric shock safety.