The simple solution to assist in protecting your home from water damage

A leak in your home’s plumbing can have catastrophic consequences if left unnoticed. If worse comes to worst, it can lead to a burst pipe, flooding the entire house while you’re on holiday. Before you know it, the water level in your home rises and floors, ceilings, walls and furniture are damaged. If this happens, there’s only one thing you can do: Call your insurance.

This disaster doesn’t have to happen to you, because there are things you can do to prevent leaks and water damage in your home. One of these measurements is the so-called Flo Smart Water Shutoff.

The measurements gallon and Fahrenheit are used in this video,
as it was produced in America.

So how exactly does it detect water leaks?

Once your trusted plumber connects the Smart Water Shutoff to your main water supply, the device provides leak protection for your entire home by monitoring all your pipes (your toilet, shower, faucets and more).

The in-line installation allows the smart all-in-one-security system to sense the water flow, pressure and temperature and if something is wrong – even if it’s just a pinhole leak – you can be sure Flo will detect it.

How will I know if something is wrong with the water pipes?

The device is connected to your smartphone via WIFI and this is where the reporting happens; so if water is leaking from a pipe or someone forgot to turn off a faucet, you will get a real-time alert in the Flo app. Additionally, you have full control over the water flow: You can turn the water on or off in the control panel, no matter where you are. Even if you miss an alert, you have peace of mind knowing that the detection system will automatically shut the water off if something is wrong.

Your app also displays your home’s water usage and gives you the option to set conservation goals, which can help the whole family be more water-wise and keep the water bills to a minimum.

Protecting your home from leaks doesn’t have to be difficult; if you’re interested in having a Smart Water Shutoff installed in your home, give us a call on 1300 712 028.