Electrical Thermal Imaging – Remedy electrical issues before they become big problems

Thermal imaging is the technique of using the heat given off by an object to produce an image of it or locate it. Thermal imaging creates a photo that is made up of heat signatures rather than a traditional photo that is composed of light.

Thermal imaging is used in many industries.

  • Builders can use it to establish where heat is escaping from a building to improve building techniques and insulation.
  • Police and the defence forces use thermal imaging to detect people.
  • Mechanic’s can use thermal imaging to detect faulty components in machinery.
  • Firefighters use it to detect the source of a fire and the presence of people trapped in a building.
  • Electricians can use thermal imaging to detect heat in electrical wiring and fixings.
Termal image of electrical connection

Business’s, plants and factories use thermal imaging to detect potential electrical faults during preventative maintenance procedures. An experienced electrician can use a thermal camera (like the one pictured below) to pinpoint uncharacteristic increases in heat in electrical devices which may lead to equipment failure or in extreme cases fire.

Electrical thermal imaging camera

Undertaking thermal imaging testing is potentially enormous money and time saving for businesses. Regular testing issues can be addressed prior to any major damage.

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