Think Safety when setting up christmas decorations!

How to aviod sparks flying this christmas!

Master Electricians Australia has urged families to avoid sparks flying when setting up festive decorations this silly season. Families should consider safety the sole priority when setting up electrical decorations, as incorrect use can cause serious injury or death. Master Electricians Australia chief executive officer Malcolm Richards said families should not underestimate the risks associated with electrical work. “ Summer is a great time for Australians. With the focus on friends and families, we must be sure to avoid unnecessary risks when preparing for festivities ,” he said.

“ By following a clear set of guidelines, households can enjoy great decorations without endangering loved ones ”.

Home and business owners planning to decorate with lights and electrical devices should stick to the following safety checklist

  •  Ensure that lighting and cords are appropriate for their use (e.g. indoor or outdoor) and always follow manufacturer’s instructions;
  •  Check cords for fraying and cuts; Switch off power during rain or when you are sleeping or away from home;
  •  Make sure outdoor lighting is away from powerlines and secured by suitable devices especially during wind or storms;
  •  Always check power boards are free of damage and never connected to double adaptors;
  •  Place all electrical cables away from paths and driveways
  •  Always use a qualified electrical contractor to undertake electrical work; and
  •  Verify that equipment meets Australian standards.