Time is running out for faulty electrical cable

The time for complacency has ended. The ACCC is warning of the potential failure of faulty Infinity power cables as soon as April 2016.

Infinity and Olsent brand electrical cable recall

The faulty Infinity and Olsent branded electrical cables were installed in homes across Australia, including throughout southeast Queensland and Brisbane, from 2010. It is thought much of the cable was used by licenced electricians, but records also seem to indicate some cable was sold to home DIY enthusiasts.

“Infinity and Olsent-branded Infinity cables failed to meet electrical safety standards due to poor quality insulation (plastic coating). Testing found the insulation on the ‘TPS’ and ‘orange round’ range of cables will become brittle prematurely, which may present a safety hazard if the cables are disturbed and the insulation breaks. Cables exposed to prolonged high temperatures will degrade at a faster rate. Once the insulation is brittle, physical contact with the cables could dislodge the insulation and lead to electric shock or possibly fires.” ACCC

It is illegal in Australia to carry out home electrical work if you are not a licenced electrician .

Master Electricians Australia is pushing for an amnesty to apply to any home DIY enthusiasts who may have carried out their own electrical wiring using these cables to protect residents and homes from possible fire and electrocution.

Infinity electrical cable recall: act now before it’s too late

Fallon Solutions Electrical

Fallon Solutions master electricians advise homeowners who have purchased a property between 2010 and 2013, renovated or had electrical work done during this time to have their wiring checked by a licenced electrician. We strongly advise that residents do not check electrical cables themselves.

Please note – Fallon Solutions would like our customers to rest assured that we have never used Infinity or Olsent branded cables at any time in our electrical services. Our team always use quality, reliable products from reputable suppliers.

For more information on this recall or to book an electrical check of your home, contact our service team on 1300 762 260 or complete our online booking request .

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