Time to change to LED lighting Brisbane

LED lighting is available for every application in the lighting market: residential, commercial; such as LED strip lighting and street lighting. Furthermore, this energy-efficient lighting will outperform its competition, fluorescent and halogen, on most tests.

Everyone should start changing to eco lighting today.

You will start saving immediately, for example, the cost of replacing a failed fluorescent light with LED lighting is the same, however, the LED, energy-efficient lighting uses less electricity from the start. Add to that, LEDs have a projected lifespan of decades, meaning more savings.

Change over to energy-saving lighting

With the removal of the old incandescent bulbs from shop shelves in 2009, people moved to compact fluorescent lighting, CFL, but were unhappy with their performance; poor light quality, time to warm up and a tendency to flicker. This led to the increase in popularity of halogen lighting, which is the least efficient lighting. Also, having a heat problem, halogen downlights have been a major cause of household fires. More than 90% of electricity is wasted as heat in halogens. LED lighting displays superior features across all facets of performance and a comprehensive uptake in the community would help reduce the National Electricity Market’s peak summertime demand.

Energy-efficient lighting

According to a recent report released by Beyond Zero Emissions, the lighting we use in our homes accounts for approximately 7% of household electricity use and about 30% of the electricity used in commercial and retail buildings. That’s a considerable quantity of energy use and it could be set to decline drastically.

LED lighting solutions

As we’ve suggested previously, LEDs are soon to dominate the global market, with leaders in the lighting market predicting a 45% market share for this eco lighting by 2016, up by 9% in 2011. Philips, the electronics giant, has completely ceased research and development into the now outdated fluorescent lighting. In Australia, businesses are expanding their services to offer the opportunity to come into your home or business and complete a full changeover to LEDs. Even McDonald’s restaurants are switching over.

Switch to LED lighting Brisbane

A full switch over, to replace all existing lighting with LED, energy-saving lighting, is expected to happen within 10 years. This would result in up to an 80% reduction in the use of lighting energy use for most establishments. To put that value into perspective: these savings would equate to approximately 15 terawatt-hours of electricity per year OR more than Victoria’s reputed, highly polluting Hazelwood power station could produce, if it ran at full power, non-stop for an entire year. Avoiding the burning of all that brown coal would decrease CO2 emissions of over 20 million tonnes of CO2 per year.

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