Tips for selling in summer

Summer can be a tricky time to sell. It is almost always more advisable to sell in spring due to the more abundant and colourful gardens and people are more energised after winter and are looking for new and exciting changes ready for the warmer weather. However, that’s not to say that summertime doesn’t have its benefits for making a home more sellable. It’s the time of year that families have more time off work and school and therefore, more time to look at the property.

If you are selling your house in summer, there are some simple yet effective things you can do to appeal to buyers.


  • Make sure everything remains clean and fresh,
  • The warmer weather can make bins smelly and attract bugs. Make sure to regularly take your bins out and spray around with some bug spray to keep the flies and cockroaches at bay,
  • Tidy up the paintwork inside and outside. Make sure the front garden or porch area is tidy as this is the first thing viewers see,
  • Keep the pool clean,
  • Let plenty of sunlight in to keep things looking fresh and bright.


  • Use light, neutral colours and minimal but summery decor,
  • Change dark or blackout curtains to lighter ones,
  • If you have outdoor space, show it off and demonstrate its potential.


  • Put the air conditioning on before the open home and leave it on during.
  • Have chilled water available or even some fresh fruit,
  • Put lights on in darker rooms, or rooms with small windows.