Troubleshoot low or no water pressure

No water pressure?

If you wake up to find that you have low or no water pressure at your house then you will most likely need to call anĀ emergency plumber, however, you can try these tests first to troubleshoot the issue.

Try these Handy Hints to find out why your water pressure is low

First up, you need to check all the taps and showers around the house to discover whether they are all experiencing the same problem. If not then you know that there is an issue within your home. If the water pressure is low from all of them then it is likely that there is either problem with the supply or with the connection to your house. If this is the case call the relevant authority and ask them if there are any general problems with the supply. Sometimes it could be there has been a leak or they are working on the system, in which case you just have to wait.

If the problem is with your connection or in your house then you need to do an inspection of the supply lines and all the taps, making sure that everything is unobstructed and turned on full. If only one tap or shower has low or no pressure then you need to turn the water off and clean it out thoroughly.

If you still have low or no pressure then you should call a plumber.