Turn your bathroom into a cosy winter retreat

As winter approaches, ensuring your bathroom is a warm and welcoming space becomes a top priority.

1. The winter must-have: instant warmth with heat lamps
Stepping out of a hot shower into a chilly bathroom is a common winter woe. Our three-in-one heat lamp, fan, and light installation offers a practical solution. With just a flick of a switch, you can bid farewell to cold post-shower experiences. This multifunctional fixture not only provides instant warmth but also ensures efficient ventilation and ambient lighting, creating a comfortable and inviting bathroom environment.


2. Lift comfort with heated towel rails
The days of cold and wet towels are over! A heated towel rail is a simple addition to your bathroom that can make a huge difference.

3. Upgrade your showerhead for a spa-like experience
Not every homeowner has the required bathroom space available to increase the spa-feeling of their bathroom by adding a bathtub. But there’s a cost-effective alternative that will also increase the spa experience of your bathroom! Modern rain showerheads come in different sizes and shapes and are designed to be water efficient while providing a generous water flow.

Upgrade your Shower to keep you Warm

4. Create warm mood lighting with LED downlights
Illuminate your bathroom with energy-efficient LED downlights that not only save on energy bills but also set the perfect mood. Opt for warm white LED lights to create a cosy atmosphere. Our electricians can tailor solutions to suit your bathrooms needs. We can also install vanity makeup mirror lights, as well as USB power points so you can play music on your phone.

5. Friendly reminder: schedule your hot water checkup now!
As winter approaches, the demand for hot water in our homes significantly increases. To avoid any disruptions to your daily routine and ensure a consistent supply of warm water throughout the colder months, it’s highly recommended to perform a thorough hot water system check.

Our Hot Water System Check includes:

      • Assessing the overall condition of your hot water system to check for leaks and other signs of imminent failure
      • Testing your valves to ensure the safety of your home and hot water users
      • Checking the relief drain for any blockages to ensure that pressure can be released in an emergency
      • Testing water temperature to safeguard against waterborne illnesses such as legionella and to prevent scalding
      • Inspecting pipework to make sure the system is energy efficient and has insulation but no leaks

Book your Fallon Solutions plumber today for your peace of mind.