Urgent need for safety switches in every home

Master Electricians Australia and the Queensland State Coroner are recommending legislation to make safety switches on all home circuits compulsory following a recent Coroners inquiry into 3 electrocution deaths.

“We call on every state government to examine the findings of this inquiry and take action to make safety switches compulsory in every home on every circuit in the country,” Malcolm Richards, Master Electricians Australia chief executive officer, said. “We need all of our state governments to urgently act on this recommendation to minimise the risk of similar tragedies in the future.”

Research undertaken by Master Electricians Australia indicates that up to 15 people lose their lives to electric shocks and around 300 are hospitalised per year as a result of electric shock injuries. Installation of a safety switch on every circuit in every home could have prevented these injuries.

“Sadly, more than 20 years after safety switches became compulsory on power circuits in new homes, many houses still do not have them fitted, and very few have them on every circuit”, Mr Richards said.

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