Warm up your home and keep the cold out with these 6 hacks

We’re now well and truly into winter and even though the cold season comes around the same time each year, we often feel unprepared when the temperature drops. So, we compiled a list of 6 hacks to help you warm up your home and keep the cold out:

1. Cover your hard floor with rugs

Laying out rugs is a cheap and quick way to keep your feet from freezing off and stylish rugs can be a great addition to your interior.

Pro tip: Place draught excluders in the bottom cracks of windows and doors to stop the warmth from escaping.

2. Keep the cold out with curtains, blinds & shutters

Did you know that up to 40% of heating energy can be lost through the windows?
Keep the warmth inside by drawing curtains, blinds and shutters. They won’t only keep you warm in winter, but also cool in summer.

3. Switch your air conditioner to reverse cycle

Reverse cycle air conditioning systems are ideal all year round, as they can cool or heat your home. Using the reverse cycle of your air conditioning unit is more cost efficient and environmentally friendly than using electric heaters.

And there are more benefits: While electric or gas heaters usually heat one part of the room, a reverse air conditioner can heat the whole space. In addition, smart air conditioners can be controlled from your mobile device, so you can switch on your AC on the go and you’ll come home to a warm house!

4. Make sure warm air can circulate

Before using the reverse cycle of your air conditioner or reverse ceiling fan, you need to make sure that the warm air can circulate. Move any furniture that obstructs the flow of hot air to make your heating more efficient.

5. Install heat lamps in your bathroom

There’s nothing worse than getting out of a hot shower and stepping into the cold bathroom. Heat lamps are a fantastic and energy efficient way to heat your bathroom instantly.

6. Insulate your home

Typical Queensland houses are built to keep cool during summer but keeping the warm inside in wintertime can be a challenge. One way to efficiently trap the warmth inside your home is to insulate walls, ceilings and floors. The best time to install insulation is when building or renovating your home.