What is water hammering & how can I stop it?

So you turn on and off your tap and clunk, clunk, clunk, clatter, clatter, clatter go the pipes. This is a common problem called water hammering. Water hammering occurs when generally there is high water pressure on the main water pipes.

Fallon Services Master plumbers can resolve this problem by installing a pressure limiting valve.

Many people hear this noise but do nothing about stopping it from occurring. It is best that water hammering is dealt with immediately because you will not know when a pipe might explode causing costly damage to your property.

In most cases, water hammering inside walls also occurs from pipes that are loose or not correctly clipped into place. The most common cause of water hammering is a washer or cistern washer. These are not only relatively inexpensive but easy and timely for Fallon Services plumbers to fit.

So if you are looking for a no-fuss solution to your water hammering, give the team at Fallon Services a call. We can identify what is causing the problem and give you an estimate quote to carry out repairs. Remember we are master plumbers; that means we are the best plumbers in business to resolve your water hammering problems.

Call us today to take that annoying clank, clank away from your pipes!