Water Heaters and Legionella

The Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland (MPAQ) has issued a statement regarding increased regular testing of hot water systems and tempering devices in Queensland in the aftermath of the recent outbreak of Legionella in a Brisbane Hospital. Currently, Queensland has no requirement for testing for contamination and pathogen in hot water systems.

The MPAQ is requesting the Queensland State Government implement a regulation requiring mandatory maintenance testing for hot water systems every 12 months and the testing of tempering devices also set every 12 months.

Storage hot water heaters must store water at a minimum of 60 degrees Celsius to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Tempering valves and thermostatic mixing valves are used to moderate the temperature of the water by mixing with cold water to deliver it to the outlet at a safe temperature. Australian Standards regulate that delivery temperature to be-

  • 45 degrees Celsius for – areas primarily for personal hygiene for the aged, the sick, children or people with disabilities in healthcare and aged care buildings, early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools and nursing homes or similar facilities for the aged, the sick, children or people with disabilities.
  • 50 degrees Celsius for – sanitary fixtures used primarily for personal hygiene purposes for all other situations.

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