Our no-dig drain repairs just got better.

Clearing blocked drains is only ever half the battle; you’ve got to fix the area where the roots and debris got into the pipe. We have recently taken delivery of a new van which strengthens our capabilities around fixing blocked drains permanently.

Fallon pipe relining van
We haven’t put our logo on it yet, but otherwise, it’s ready for business!

Drain relining is a process or repairing cracked, brittle or otherwise damaged drainpipes and fixing them without digging long trenches.

The benefits for relining vs digging are:

  1. Time – Relining is much quicker
  2. Labour – Fewer plumbers are required
  3. Savings – By making the process quicker and reducing the required manpower we are able to offer this service at a significantly lower price than by digging up your backyard.

While we have been relining pipes for some time, this new purpose-built vehicle allows us to cover more meterage in a single patch. Previously we were only able to install 1m patches but with this new system, we can do up to a massive 6m at a time.

We are also recruiting more plumbers that are drain specialists so you can be sure that the plumber that visits your house will get it done right, the first time around.

If you’d like to know more about if clearing your blocked drains, or if you have any questions on drain relining, call us on 1300 712 028

Creating the pipe relining sleeve
Creating the reline sleeve in our new vehicle.

You know what they say, When it’s Fallon, it’s Fixed!