What to do before you call an electrician

We always recommend calling a licenced electrician if you have electrical issues. Never attempt to carry out electrical work yourself, it can be dangerous and potentially fatal. There are, however, a few simple checks you can do to identify some minor problems.

Power point not working?

More often than not, it’s the actual appliance that’s faulty – not the power point. Find another appliance that you know is working (a lamp is good), and plug that in to test the power socket. If it works, then you need an appliance repairer (or just a new appliance).

Electricity turns off after turning an appliance on

This can be caused by a range of issues including faulty appliances.

Unplug the appliance, check the switchboard and reset the safety switch. If the safety switch resets and stays on the problem is with the appliance, if not more investigation is needed.

  1. Sometimes finding the issue can be tricky but to start with unplugging all of the appliances. (Each one, it may help to move through the house one room at a time checking every power point. You will need to actually unplug the appliance, switching off at the plug is not enough.)
  2. Retry the safety switch. The safety switch should then reset, if not call your licenced electrician.

Finding the problem appliance is just a matter of plugging everything back on one at a time. The safety switch should trip when the faulty appliance is turned on.

To learn more about this, read our previous article – Troubleshooting why your electrical safety switch (RCD) keeps tripping.

Light isn’t working

Check that the bulb hasn’t blown. Yes, this sounds really obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it happens. Modern CFL and LCD bulbs don’t always show visual signs that they’re blown as the old-style incandescent bulbs did. Try a new bulb in the light fitting. If the light is still not working call a licenced electrician to have the fitting checked.

Blown fuse

Most homes shouldn’t have fuses anymore. The old-style porcelain fuse is susceptible to many issues including overheating and overloading. If your home still has this style of switchboard we recommend you upgrade to a modern switchboard with one or more safety switches and circuit breakers for the safety of your home and its occupants. For more information – Switchboard upgrade

If the power is off in your home you can:

  • Check the street and your neighbour’s houses to ensure there isn’t a blackout in your area.
  • If it’s just your house try the safety switch – flick the switch back to the ‘on’ position. If the switch resets you’re back in business. Please note – if the safety switch is tripping regularly get an electrician in to check your electrical systems.
  • If the switch does not reset follow the instructions above from step 2
  • Should the switch still fail to reset after all appliances are unplugged, call in a licenced electrician.

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