What you need to know about choosing an air conditioner

We’ve put together a few points that you need to consider when choosing the best air conditioner for your home or business.

What exactly is a reverse cycle aircon?

Reverse cycle air conditioners can both cool and heat your home. In summer, the heat is absorbed from inside your home and exhausted outside to leave your home cooler, and in winter the opposite happens. They do this by using a refrigeration cycle to transfer heat either way.

To achieve this, they need to have both an indoor unit and an outdoor unit.

What do I need to know about the noise level of the aircon?

Noise levels need to be considered for both the indoor and outdoor units. Nothing can alienate a Neighbour quicker than a noisy Air Conditioner Compressor under their bedroom window.

But not only do you need to consider the outdoor compressor noise, but also the indoor unit. Most modern split systems are quiet when operating at low speeds, but what about when they are at high speeds.

So make sure you compare Noise Levels on all units you are considering.

What about energy efficiency?

With rising Power prices, we all want the most efficient systems we can get. Reverse Cycle Air conditioners are one of the most efficient ways to cool a home, but not all systems are equal. Make sure you check the Energy Star Rating. To find out more read our previous post – How to work out the Energy Efficiency of your new Air Conditioner.

How does inverter technology help?

Inverter models are designed to work effectively at extreme temperatures. After all, when the temperature is really hot, that’s when you want your Air conditioner to work the best. Make sure that your Inverter Air conditioner is guaranteed to work in these extremes.

Which is the best air conditioning system for you?

The best system for you depends on different factors such as the size of the room, the weather conditions, building construction and what your requirements are (to name a few). For this reason, you are best to consult with an expert. But the possible systems you would consider are:

Split Systems
Have an outdoor compressor and an internal fan with a coil unit. This indoor unit can be positioned on either the floor, wall or ceiling. They are ideal if you only want to air condition one room.

Multi-Split Systems
A Multi-Split is the same as a Single Split, except there are multiple Indoor Units coming from one outdoor compressor. This is ideal if you need to Air Condition multiple rooms, but don’t have room for multiple compressors (or space for ducting).

A Ducted system has the Compressor outside, but the Indoor Fan and Coil is located in the ceiling space. Flexible ductwork then distributes the warm or cool air to the different rooms in the house through vents. Ducted systems can be designed to operate in different zones, so different parts of the house can be cooled or heated at any given time.

Where do you position the indoor unit for a split system air conditioner?

Wall Mounted
These are the most common in Australia. They are mounted on the wall and should be located so the airflow can reach as much of the room as possible.

Floor Standing
These are positioned on the floor against a wall. It is important they have a clear space in front, so should not be placed behind couches etc.

These can be positioned on the wall at floor level, or on the ceiling. They are very practical when you don’t have much floor or wall space.

So we trust this will help you make your decision on which Air Conditioning system to choose much easier.

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