Where Is The Best Place To Install An Air Conditioner?

Become the local weather god by installing an air conditioner. No longer are you helpless against the elements, be the temperature you want to be, all the time. But, before you do, think about where you are going to install your air conditioner as positioning is all-important.

Where to place the air conditioner?

The outdoor system or condenser

One of the key things to think about when installing an air conditioner is trying to place the external part of the unit somewhere that it will not receive too much direct sunlight. The more sunlight your air conditioner receives, the harder it will have to work and the more money it will cost you.

The best place to put it is in either a north or a south-facing wall, and the worst place to put it is on either an east or a west-facing wall. It is a good idea to observe how the sun strikes your house during summer to ascertain which is the best spot.

Daikin Lite indoor unit

While the sun is important, so too is internal positioning

You need to work out which rooms you want the air conditioner to work in, and which rooms you want it to be most effective in. Most people want the air conditioner to work best in their living area, though many want the whole house covered.

This will depend on the size and strength of the air conditioning unit. If your unit is not too powerful, then put it in the room you want to be serviced. If it is capable of doing the whole house, put it in a central location, so you can control it using your doors.

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