Which air conditioner size should I choose?

Getting the right air conditioner is important. Too small and you will not be able to cool your home sufficiently. Too big and you will find you have an astronomical power bill.

Generally, the way to work out what size air conditioner you need is to work out the size of the room or rooms you want to be cooled and the expected external temperatures, though there are a number of other factors that need to be considered as well. For starters, the quality of the room’s insulation is an important issue. If a room has little or no insulation then it is going to need a bigger air conditioner than the same sized room that has good insulation.

Another thing that needs to be considered is how much direct sunlight the room receives as well as whether the sunlight is morning or afternoon sun. If the room receives a lot of sunlight it will need a smaller unit than one that receives no direct sunlight. Likewise, the afternoon sun is a lot hotter than the morning sun, so the time the room receives most of its sunlight needs to be factored in as well.

Online air conditioning size calculator

The right size unit will be measured in cooling output (kilowatts, kW), a fantastic calculator can be found here: Remember though, it is always better to get a slightly bigger unit than a slightly smaller unit.

Fallon Services can advise you about supplying and installing air conditioners

If you are looking into buying an air conditioner, Fallon Services can help. We have a team of trained technicians that can recommend suitable products that will take into account your home’s location and the size of space you are looking to heat or cool. We can install most brands like DaikinFujitsuTecoPanasonic and Mitsubishi just to name a few and have knowledge of a range of makes and models.  To find out more about how Fallon Service can assist with your next air conditioner purchase and installation visit our air conditioning section. We also have an online enquiry form, if you have any questions.