Why Rheem Stellar hot water systems are some of the best on the market

The enormous range of water heating options on the market can mean trying to choose the right system for your home is quite overwhelming. Unfortunately, some give up and just replace their old hot water system with the same model, however, by doing this you could be missing out on a great opportunity to upgrade to a better, more energy-efficient system.

If you’re like around 50% of Australian homes and have an electric storage hot water system upgrading your old energy-hungry unit can shave hundreds off your power bill every year and reduce your home’s environmental impact as well. With 21% of the average household energy use used to heat water for your home, any reduction in its energy use can represent significant savings.

Our hot water specialists install hundreds of hot water systems every month in lots of homes across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We see the good, the bad, and the all-out lemons.

One of the units which our team recommend and install regularly is the Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel storage hot water system. Rheem hot water systems are Australian made which means they’re designed especially for the harsh Australian climate and variable water conditions.

Rheem Stellar

The Rheem Stellar range includes a selection of sizes from 50L perfect for smaller uses, right up to 315L units which are ideal for busy family homes.

The use of a long-lasting stainless steel cylinder and fittings in the Stellar models removes the need for a sacrificial anode, reducing the ongoing maintenance requirements of the unit. The anode is a metal (magnesium) rod which is fitted in the cylinder and is designed to protect traditional steel tanks from corrosion. The anode requires periodic replacement every few years depending on the water quality in the area. Manufacturing the tank using stainless steel means it is resistant to corrosion and ensures a longer life for the hot water system (compared with traditional vitreous enamel cylinders).

Rheem Stellar Electric Stainless Steel Range

The Stellar range provides an abundance of mains pressure (steady hot and strong) hot water as a result of the draw point location at the top of the unit which also improves the unit’s efficiency and reduces running costs. And the twin element featured in the larger models ensures the unit reheats quickly during peak hot water usage times.

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The whole Rheem Stellar hot water heater range is backed by a 12 year cylinder and 3 year element warranty, and with a rating of up to 24% better than MEPS* it’s one of the most energy-efficient electric storage models available in Australia today.

Rheem Stellar Warranty

The Rheem Stellar range is a great water heating choice, if you would like to ‘Install a Rheem’ in your Brisbane or Gold Coast home contact our hot water specialists and request a hot water installation quote today.