Why You Need a (Qualified) Gas Plumber

Gas is an invaluable resource in the household. It is used for cooking, water heating, or temperature control. Due to gas’s nature as an efficient energy source, machines and appliances that run on it have become a fixture in many houses, as well as in commercial and industrial facilities.

However, the use of gas at home presents a risk of fire or explosions, particularly if the gas plumbing system wasn’t installed properly or if gas-consuming appliances aren’t used carefully.

This is why a gas plumber is handy to have on call. A gas plumber (or gas fitter) is proficient at installing and maintaining gas systems and appliances, whether at home, in offices, or in business establishments. While there may be some housekeeping tasks that you’d rather do yourself, gas fitting is definitely not one of them. Here are a few reasons why you should call always a gas plumber:

1. Qualified gas plumbers are trained to handle delicate gas line operations.

Gas fitting operations are strictly regulated by the law. The law is especially firm about the qualifications of people who can be considered capable of handling gas fitting and repairs. Gas plumbers are required to both pass an apprenticeship and a qualifying exam before they’re given the license to practice. Qualified gas plumbers will also give you good pointers regarding the correct usage of your appliances.

2. It’s dangerous to handle gas line operations on your own.

More often than not, the malfunctioning (and mishandling) of gas-powered appliances leads to accidents and even fatalities. In West Australia, for example, 52 gas-related incidents (with 13 accidents and one fatality) were reported from 2010-2011. The Department of Natural Resources and Mines asserts that “gas installations must be installed, certified and maintained by licensed gas fitters.” Call a professional gas plumber in situations that involve gas systems – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

3. Gas systems require constant and consistent maintenance.

Now, a successful installation of gas systems or appliances doesn’t mean you can rest easy and neglect the regular maintenance tasks that come hand in hand with it. Poorly maintained gas systems are dangerous time bombs. According to the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, all gas appliances should be kept in good condition, and that leaks and corrosions should be repaired immediately. A qualified expert should inspect your gas appliances, maintain your pipes, and check for leaks regularly.

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