Why use Master Plumbers for your home plumbing?

It’s just a leaking tap? It’s just a running toilet? Mr Cheap and Nasty Plumbing can do it for almost nothing. Why would I get a Master Plumber in for such a simple job? The choice is not in the cost, the decision you need to make is – Do you want the tap to stop dripping or do you want the problem that is making the tap drip identified and fixed?

We have all experienced tradespeople doing half a job, just enough to make it look like the issue is fixed only to find out a couple of days or weeks down the track that the bandaid solution has come unstuck. In almost every situation there is the easy way and the right way. Master Plumbers will do it the right way.

Fallon plumber with ute

Master Plumbers –

  • must keep up to date with the latest technology, plumbing standards and environmental issues.
  • must abide by a professional Code of Ethics.
  • are encouraged to consistently achieve high levels of customer service.
  • are supported by a professional association that can follow up any issues if problems arise.
  • are professional and reliable contractors.

Plumbing is one of those things most of us are happy to be ignorant of. We take it for granted that the twisty bit of pipe under the kitchen sink is doing its thing and last nights curry is never to be seen again. That is until something goes wrong. Then we need to know that we can call on someone who knows all there is to know about getting the sink to drain or making the toilet flush again.

Anything from a water leak, blocked drain, toilet repair or replacing a hot water system always choose a Master Plumber. To get the job done the right way, not the easy way, every time call a Fallon Services Master Plumber.

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