Winter Fire Safety Checks

The recent cold snap in Brisbane has had us all reaching for our jumpers and woolly socks and dusting off the heaters and electric blankets. In our quest to get toasty warm we can sometimes miss some of the warning signs which could clearly become fire hazards in our homes.

Last winter the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service responded to 139 house fires in the Brisbane region alone. That’s three fires every two days for the three months of winter. Many of these fires could have been prevented with a simple check of electrical equipment and the surrounding area.

Frayed cords, exposed wiring and rusting on your heater and other equipment can mean the appliance is not safe to use, regardless of age. If in doubt call in a licenced electrician to carry out a check or take the appliance to be repaired. Always place heaters away from curtains, table cloths, bedding and other flammable objects.

Electrical safety this winter

Electric blankets can sustain small faults in the tiny wiring inside the blanket which is not easily visible but makes it a dangerous fire risk. Simply folding your blanket too tight to store it can break the fine wiring. Never sleep with an electric blanket on.

The ACT Fire and Rescue Service has launched an awareness campaign around the correct use of power boards this winter. Overloaded power boards can cause enough heat to start a fire. Don’t exceed the load of your powerboards and never plug the boards into each other, if you need more power outlets in that area we recommend calling in a licenced electrician to install another power point.

Clear the lint from your clothes dryer – Every Single Time! It takes a couple of seconds to empty the lint filter. Even if you only have to remove a small amount of fluff, the next load could add a bit more lint to increase the heat in the dryer enough to cause a fire.

Winter gas safety

This year, due to the affordability and popularity of outdoor gas heaters the QFES is warning residents to be aware of the condition of the hoses and attachments in these appliances. Ensure your heater is not placed too close to flammable objects such as curtains, tree branches or other foliage and allowance is made between the top of the heater and the roof of your verandah. Keep well away from clothes drying on washing lines and clothes racks, all it takes is a gust of wind to start a fire. Always turn off your outdoor gas heater at the gas bottle when you leave the area.

Electrical Safety Switch

Test your Electrical Safety Switch regularly to ensure it is in working order and will protect yourself and your family in the event of an electrical accident. Check the batteries and test all smoke alarms in your home. When you sleep your nose goes to sleep too, if you think you’ll wake up from the smell of smoke, you’re wrong. Your ears, however, work all the time. Make sure your smoke alarms are working and positioned in the best spot in your home.

Download the full Queensland Fire and Emergency Service winter safety checklist and ensure your home is safe from fire this winter.

Our team of experienced master electricians is on hand to provide any electrical work needed around your home this winter. From appliance repairs to safety switch testing, call the professionals at Fallon Solutions on 1300 762 260.