Hot Water Supply & Installation Essentials

10 things to consider!

Before you get a hot water quote, here are 10 crucial factors to keep in mind to ensure you’re getting the right solution for your needs.

  1. Hot Water Unit:
    • Is the hot water tank stainless steel or vitreous enamel for electric units? Stainless steel tanks are low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and durable.
    • Does the quote include a tempering valve to comply with QLD legislation? For gas units, are gas valves and connections accounted for?
    • Have you explored tankless hot water options?
  2. Cold Water Expansion & Isolation Valves:
    • Expansion valves are unit-specific and necessary as per manufacturer requirements. Is there provision for duo or isolation valves to meet QLD regulations?
    • Is the overflow directed to a stormwater drain to prevent dampness and termite issues?
  3. Alterations to Existing Pipework:
    • Consider potential expenses for modifying existing pipework. Will the piping be insulated for energy savings and safety?
  4. Council Forms:
    • Will the plumber handle council forms and fees as part of the hot water installation service?
  5. Removal & Recycling:
    • Is removal and recycling of the old unit included? Will the site be left clean after the installation?
  6. Electrical Requirements:
    • Is an electrical upgrade necessary, and will a licensed electrician assess and complete it to meet QLD regulations?
    • How energy-efficient is the unit? Cheaper units may consume more power, impacting long-term savings.
  7. Safe Tray & Poly Base:
    • Prevent indoor flooding with a safe tray for indoor units.
  8. Concrete Ripple Pad:
    • Outdoor units require a concrete ripple pad to prevent rust and allow airflow.
  9. Pressure Limiting Valve & Mildred Valves:
    • Pressure limiting valves are essential for warranty validity and unit-specific. Mildred valves prevent indoor flooding.
  10. Warranties & Guarantees:
    • What are the labour and manufacturer warranties? At Fallon Solutions, we offer a limited lifetime labour warranty and up to 10 years manufacturer warranty.
    • We guarantee installation within 24 hours or $100 cashback!

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