Storage Hot Water System Maintenance Guide

Did you know that a hot water system needs to be maintained regularly in order to keep it running tip-top, providing you with endless hot water, and extending the lifespan of the tank? Whether we are using hot water for showering, washing up, cleaning, or cooking, it’s easy to take our hot water for granted.

Effective routine maintenance will keep your hot water system in good condition. You can also feel confident you are keeping your family safe from scalds and removing the worry that you might run out of hot water, especially during the cold winter months.

It’s important to have your storage hot water system regularly serviced by an experienced hot water plumber, to prevent big problems and expensive repairs in the long run.

Hot water system maintenance schedule

It is recommended that a minor check be conducted 6 months after installation. You can request this be carried out by your plumber, however, as this is quite a simple check with just a few basic steps it can be carried out by the homeowner. As different manufacturers have different requirements, you can simply follow the steps noted in your hot water system owner’s manual.

A major hot water service should be carried out every 5 years for storage hot water systems, and this service must be conducted by an experienced licenced plumber.

The storage hot water system service will often include:

  • Inspecting and flushing the ECV
  • Inspecting the anode
  • Checking for calcium build-up
  • Replacing the TPR valve
  • Visually checking the unit
  • Inspecting all connections
  • Check drain line is not blocked

Once your plumber has completed your HWS service, creating a ‘service schedule’, will ensure you never miss an essential service. Your plumber will be able to create one for you or you can simply keep your own records.