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Park Lighting

Effective Park Lighting Solutions

Park lighting used to be simple. A few light fittings at the entrance, some basic lighting to any paths and maybe an uplight to highlight a feature tree or two, and you were done! Not any more, these days people expect more when using outdoor areas at night which is why your outdoor area needs to both functional and aesthetically appealing!

It is also important to consider your legal responsibilities and “duty of care” to people using your outdoor area and therefore safety needs be addressed.

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Park Lighting Design Considerations

Effective Park lighting design decisions need to take into account safety, security and enhancement of the property. Park lighting and landscape lighting design is very similar to the design of the landscape itself: you must determine focal points, traffic patterns, specific use of each area, the mood and ambience you are trying to create, etc. You need to consider how the proposed lighting will enhance the form, colour and texture of the soft and hard landscape elements. Lighting should serve to conceal what may be unattractive and enhance the view of your park at night.

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Choice of lights is critical for park lighting!

Are they weather proof and resistant to vandalism? The ongoing cost of maintenance and repairs needs to be taken into consideration. There is little value in creating a well lit park that requires frequent and costly repairs to maintain it.

Illuminated steps, paths and vehicular traffic areas can prevent after-dark accidents. Motion detectors light up obscure spots when someone passes by. Photocells automatically turn on fixtures at dusk and off at dawn, providing perfect timing all year round. Low voltage lights installed under handrails, stairs and bench seating on decks help lighten things up for outdoor entertaining. Stronger beams designed to shine over an outdoor activity area like a basketball court add extra hours of post-dusk fun. Picnic and BBQ areas require adequate lighting to be functional outside of daylight hours.

Pure white light creates a clean look, however, warm tones like yellow or red introduced properly can make the landscape come alive at night. Green lights can make foliage look even greener.

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