Plumber vs Plumbing Contractors

The choice between merely fixing the issue, and getting the job done properly for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Redlands and Sunshine Coast

Plumbing systems play a significant role in lives; we simply would be lost without them.

When the operation of our pipes goes haywire, a common form of approach is trying to fix it yourself, and if unsuccessful, reluctantly contacting a plumber.

Of course, life can be expensive and often, we feel as if our expenses need only be essential. This line of thought is why households can be inclined to compromise the quality of service in favour of a job well done.

Be careful, however, for if not taken seriously enough, seemingly minor issues in your plumbing system can cause a serious headache for you down the line.

Plumbing work on your Queensland premises should only ever be carried out by a plumbing contractor, better yet with a membership of the Master Plumbers’ Association in Queensland.

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What to expect from your plumber?

Plumber licencing requirements

In Queensland, plumbers are bound by regulations controlled by the Building and Construction Commission.

For plumbing and drainage professionals, there are typically three licence requirements, depending mostly on the experience of the worker. They are:

  • Post-apprenticeship provisional licences
  • Following your provisional period, professionals can apply for an occupational plumbers and drainage licence

In Queensland, any plumbing and/or drainage work completed at a cost exceeding $) must be carried out under a valid contractor’s licence.

  • If contracting with the public to perform work, plumbers need to apply for a contractor’s licence.

Put simply, if a plumber or drainage professional doesn’t hold a contractor’s licence, they’re only legally allowed to work as an employee for a licensed contractor. Any endorsements the employee may have must be replicated by the contractor themselves.

Licensing of plumbing contractors translates to reliability, trust and ultimately quality.

When it comes to plumbing, contractors are the only option

In both our households and workplaces, working plumbing systems are essential; we would be lost without them. Whether you’re in a state of a plumbing emergency or have a recurring issue with a fixture such as a showerhead or a kitchen tap, the importance of an efficient repair is significant. As plumbing contractors with more than half a century of experience in the area, Fallon Solutions highly advises you to engage a dependable contractor in all plumbing work undertaken on your premises.

Being proud members of the Master Plumbers Association in Queensland (MPAQ), we at Fallon are very serious when it comes to professionalism. Our plumbers are only fully-qualified master plumbers. Along with being of the highest echelon when it comes to the plumbing profession, plumbing contractors:

  • Have access to resources which enable the highest standards of business conduct.
  • Are always informed of all regulatory and legislative changes in the industry
  • Have technical support and assistance for all work undertaken
  • Hold commitment to codes of ethics as MPAQ members

Fallon plumbing contractors are always punctual, reliable and detail-oriented. With all having access to vehicles fully stocked with high-quality equipment, there’s no job we’re not capable of attending to. Not only this, but our prices are very affordable, thanks to the countless industry connections we have. Call us today on 1300 762 260, or complete a contact form.

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