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Fallon Solutions, as licensed plumbers, is equipped to conduct backflow testing and install preventers, ensuring that contaminants from your property don’t infiltrate the local water supply.

A backflow prevention containment device safeguards against cross connections, ensuring that the drinking water supplied to properties remains uncontaminated. Potential sources of contamination include fire hose reels, irrigation systems, swimming pools, vehicle-maintenance pits, ornamental ponds, air-conditioning towers, vehicle/bin-washing bays, and chemical injection areas.

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Every property connected to the water supply must have a backflow prevention device suitable for the property’s hazard rating as outlined by legislation.

Regular backflow testing is essential to ensure your property doesn’t pose a risk to the mains water supply. A faulty backflow preventer can lead to significant damage to your water supply, causing leaks and poor water pressure in your building.

Examples of properties requiring backflow prevention include motels, unit complexes, hotels, vehicle-repair workshops, shops, restaurants, caravan parks, medical and dental surgeries, car and plant-washing facilities, dry-cleaners, laundries, hospitals, funeral parlors, clubhouses for sports, schools, day care centers, kindergartens, pest control and water-carrying vehicles, and botanic gardens.

Fallon Solutions, licensed and certified, brings years of expertise to backflow prevention. Our comprehensive service includes installation, audits, backflow testing, servicing, and repairs. If you need your backflow device checked, contact our team of master plumbers for professional assistance.