The dangers of flexi hoses

Up to 1500 litres of water per hour could leak into your home from a single burst hose!

Nobody wants their house to be flooded, but it could happen to you if an old flexible hose bursts under your sink. Luckily, the plumbing team at Fallon Solutions provide clients with a free check with every job to minimise the risk of water damage to your family home. If your flexi hoses are not safe, our company can install a brand new one for an affordable price.

Flexi Hose Under Sink

What are flexible water hoses?

Usually found under the sink in your kitchen or bathroom, a flexi or flexible water hose is a plumbing pipe that provides a connection from the main water supply to toilets or sinks. They are made of rubber and braided stainless steel and are a cheaper option that is seen to be easier to install than normal copper pipes. Getting a licensed plumber to install them will be the safest and cheapest option for your home. Flexible hoses only have an average life span of five years and must be replaced at the end of their life span or warranty at the latest.

Flexible plumbing hose problems

If you are not home and there is a leaking flexible hose under your sink, there could be an extensive amount of water damage to your home. This may include or result in,

  • A flooded home
  • Damage to the walls and ceiling
  • Damage to electrical appliances
  • Thousands of dollars of repairs

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What you can do?

To protect your home from flexi hose water damage, we recommend:

  • Check the warranty before buying
  • Contact a qualified plumber to install the hose
  • Replace the flexi hose every five years
  • Regularly check for rust spots or damage
  • Turn off the main water supply when leaving the house for weekends or holidays
  • Teach everyone in the family how to turn on and off the water supply

Why is paying a licensed plumber cheaper?

There are a number of flexible hose problems that can occur if one bursts in your home. Since flexible taps were introduced, there have been numerous water damage claims to homes, with some reaching up to $400 000. Some insurance companies have reported up to 30 000 insurance claims per year for leaking flexi hose issues. To avoid such large costs and inconvenience, get in touch with Fallon Solutions plumbers today via our 24/7 service line, 1300 762 260.