Toilet Repairs And Replacement

Repair and replacement guide

A home is your sanctuary, and every sanctuary deserves a reliable throne. When your toilet demands repairs or replacement, prompt action is essential. Life without a functional indoor toilet can become inconvenient swiftly, making your home feel like a relic. Fallon Solutions, with our adept. plumbers , excels in diagnosing toilet issues and swiftly providing repair or replacement services.

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Diagnosis & identifying the issue

Understanding what’s wrong with your toilet is the first crucial step. Common toilet issues fall into several categories: the blocked toilet, the constantly running toilet, the improperly flushing toilet, and the slow-filling toilet. While other problems may arise, these are the most prevalent.

Constantly running toilet:

An irritating problem that wastes water and disrupts the silence of your home. Typically caused by issues with the ballcock, float cup, or a defective fill valve seal.

Improperly flushing toilet?

Common in modern ‘low flow’ toilets, they may need multiple flushes. Older toilets may have issues with a clogged bowl entry, resulting in a weak flush.

Slow filling toilet?

Usually caused by a clogged fill valve. It’s essential to determine whether the issue lies within the toilet or your house’s internal plumbing.

Who to call for help?

Most toilet problems are repairable, and Fallon Solutions can swiftly address any issue. Don’t endure a blocked, running, non-flushing, or slow-filling toilet any longer. Contact the plumbing experts at Fallon Solutions today on 1300 054 488 or complete our online service request today.