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Strengthen your protection and peace of mind with a Fallon Solutions security system. We offer multiple layers of security, home alarms, CCTV camera systems, and intercom systems tailored to your needs on the Gold Coast. We all take as many precautions as we can to protect our family, home and property. Unfortunately, locking doors at night and leaving lights on while we’re out is no longer effective deterrents for intruders. Fallon Solutions offers multi functional protection for your home and family, including CCTV and Home Alarm systems.

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Home security specialists

To safeguard your home Fallon Solutions security specialists also offer a wide range of options which can be integrated to provide protection for your family and possessions. Our security services include:

We also offer complete business security solutions. If the service you are looking for is not listed here give our team a call at 1300 054 488 we are sure to be able to help.

CCTV security cameras

CCTV has multiple layers of protection. As the first line of defence, it can be a deterrent for intruders. It can then help you identify who, what, when and how in real time. This assists the process of investigation in the event of a break and enter. With our CCTV surveillance system, we can install up to 8 cameras for most effective surveillance and protection.

Once installed, you have complete control and can monitor from your smartphone with around the clock visibility thanks to the infrared technology. Movement tracking makes it easy to pinpoint and mark the exact moment the cameras have detected activity.

Hikvision 7600 IP NVR

Some of the main features of the Hikvision NVR:
  • 8 plug and play independent PoE interfaces
  • Supports up to 8 channels
  • 80Mbps throughput
  • Up to 12 megapixels resolution recording
  • Supports H.264, H.264+, H.265 and H.265+ compression technology
  • HDMI output to 4K (3840×2160)
  • VGA output at up to 1080P resolution
  • 2 SATA interface – up to 12TB storage
  • Dual-OS ensures high reliability
  • Video content analytics – VCA
  • Mobile application and PC client
  • P2P – quick remote access setup

HikVision Pro Series Cameras

The main features of these cameras are:

  • AcuSense motion detection to minimise false alerts
  • Crisp image both night and day
  • Improved Water Resistance (Ip67, IK10)
  • Models with Built-in Mics
  • Allows for quick target searches for humans or vehicles
  • Up to 4k resolution
  • 2.8, 4, or 6mm focal lengths
  • F1.6 aperture
  • 120db Wide Dynamic Range

Fallon Security Solutions Brochure – download

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Home alarm systems

The market is sadly filled with cheap imitation and inferior quality security alarms which happens to cause a lot of backlashes when it comes to either upgrading an existing system or having a new alarm system installed. Here at Fallon Solutions, we don’t believe in using cheap inferior products. This is why we mainly use Paradox security alarms. Due to their superior quality and advancements in alarm technology Paradox have positioned themselves as security alarm industry leaders.

Our alarm system is designed to deter intruders at the point of entry. Your home can be covered from 5 to 32 zones with 24/7monitoring that you can access and control from your smart phone.

The system also comes with different touch screen keypad options that can blend in with your home decor. The easy-to-use interface includes an arming and disarming system, emergency alarm, program timer and emergency telephone number storage.

Paradox Security Alarm System


There are many different variations and ways to set up a Paradox alarm system. The MG5050 is one of a few wired systems that Paradox has to offer.

Other features of the Paradox MG5050 alarm system include:

  • Secure up to 32 points of detection.
  • Control your security system with remote control convenience and one-touch button ease.
  • Protect multiple areas with one single system
  • A full range of wireless transmitters, including remote controls, motion detectors, door contacts, and smoke detectors are available.
  • Multipath communication – monitor your system’s status, receive notifications of system events, control the system – arm/disarm, open garage door, etc.

The simple access control solution for your home

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