How to maintain your security system

Only a working security system can protect you from incidents like burglary or intruders. So what can you do to maintain your security system?

Tighten your security by regular maintenance of your security alarms, sensors and CCTV cameras.

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In this guide, our security experts divulge expert tips to maintain your security systems to keep your property safe at all times.

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Maintaining your security system doesn’t have to be a huge job and can be carried out with a few regular checks.

Inspect the locks and sensors weekly

  • Check the locks on all doors and windows. It is easy to break in if the doors or windows are not secure enough.
  • Inspect the frames on doors and windows to ensure there is no rotting or warping that makes it easier for someone to enter the premises.
  • Check the sensors on the doors and windows. Sensors are usually attached to the doors/windows with the help of adhesives, make sure the sensors are firmly attached and re-fasten them if needed.
  • Test the motion sensors.
  • Check the batteries on wireless sensors and alarms.
  • Test the door reed switches by opening and closing the door. The alarm should be triggered every time you open/close the doors.

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Check the security cameras

Security cameras are an important element of your home or office’s security. They should be working at all times, the cameras should cover all the entry and exit points and the lenses should be free from dirt and debris.

  • Examine the CCTV and IP security cameras regularly and ensure they are working properly at all times
  • Check the cables for wear and tear
  • Review the servers and video storage devices
  • Apply the firmware and software upgrades on time to ensure the security systems are working as expected
  • Test the recording devices during the day and night times to ensure the camera is recording clear images and the recordings are being stored on the servers
  • In case your cameras are connected over Wi-Fi, make sure the wi-fi connection works properly so the camera is connected 24/7
Security Camera recording a person breaking into window

Test the Control Panel

The alarm system control panel manages your entire home or commercial security system. All the sensors, cameras and alarms are connected to the control panel. Every sensor’s signal passes through the panel and the panel interprets it before the sensors/alarms activate.

  • Use the test mode on the panel to ensure everything is working properly. Notify the monitoring service before running the test mode so they don’t set in motion the alarm emergency procedure if the alarm activates during the test.
  • Visually inspect the panel for any loose wires or signs of damage.

Don’t just rely on the security system

The most common methods of break-ins are by entering the premises through unlocked doors or forceful entry via doors or windows. Although security systems are effective at deterring break-ins, don’t forget the basics.

  • Check the indoor and outdoor lighting and make sure all the lights are working
  • Make sure the doors and windows are secure
  • Check the locks and replace the locks, if needed
  • Keep the doors and windows locked at all times
  • Place fire extinguishers in your home and inspect them frequently to check their gauge levels
  • Review safety procedures and emergency evacuation plans with your family members
  • Don’t let strangers in your home

Protect your home while you are on a vacation

  • Leave some lights on if you are going away for a vacation. If you have smart lighting, you can set the lights to turn on/off at certain times.
  • Keep your important documents, valuables and money in a safe.
  • If your security systems are monitored by a professional company, notify them of your plans so they can keep an eye on your property while you are away.
  • Do not announce your vacation plans on social media.
Tradesman installing a security camera

Preventative Maintenance Plan

Routine security checks can help you keep your system in functioning condition every day of the year. It is equally important to have the system serviced by licensed security technicians once or twice a year. You can also set up a maintenance schedule with your security company so they can come and service it without you having to remember it.

A security technician can perform a comprehensive check on all the components, cables, alarms, batteries, and sensors and replace broken components. They can also perform software updates and ensure your security system is up-to-date ensuring no one can hack or jam the sensors.

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