Custom security alarms

The Paradox home security alarm systems can be completely tailored to suit your needs.

Paradox alarm system app support

Paradox also has an application developed to support their products whilst you’re away from home or the workplace. If you have ever had someone, come to your property who cannot get in due to the alarm being turned on, your worries are now over. With the Paradox Insite Gold app, you can simply turn your alarm off or on with a few swipes of your finger via your smart device.

Insite Gold – iTunes App Store Description: Insite Gold connect and interface with Paradox systems for management of the security, Video verification and surveillance, automation and access. Developed for ‘one stop solution’, one application – full control.

Paradox Security alarm system features The Paradox Security range of alarm systems introduces a groundbreaking security feature called StayD. This system remains armed and only partially disarms when individuals enter or exit a site. Unlike conventional security alarms that need manual activation and deactivation, StayD ensures 24/7 safety automatically. The system can be remotely notified when a site is in use, after which StayD will automatically reactivate, ensuring continuous safety.

Additional security features include:

  • Built-in transceiver
  • Wireless siren, keypads, and repeaters
  • Personal dialing
  • In-field Firmware Upgrade
  • Hands-free speakerphone
  • High-quality voice and sound
  • Family message centre
  • Alarm clock

Hikvision AX PRO Wireless Alarm System

The AX PRO system begins with a control panel that acts as a hub for the whole system. Next, a wide range of indoor and outdoor detectors, along with versatile peripherals including sounders, repeaters, relays, and more, are designed to meet the needs in a multitude of scenarios. Revolutionary in both technology and design, all the products in the range can be added as needed and can be flexibly linked with other Hikvision devices. All promise outstanding performance.

Why choose AX Pro

  • Stay informed via HD images or video clips, powered by IVaaS technology
  • Get instant alerts to threats with fast transmission
  • Avoid the headache of false alarms as the system detects only actual intruders and other events, but not your pets
  • Keep an eye on every corner of your place, indoors and out, with a variety of detectors covering intrusions, broken glass, smoke, and fire, as well as water or gas leaks and more
  • Get smart management of your lights, air-conditioning, and other electric appliances, for a more intelligent and energy-efficient home
  • Manage all Hikvision systems on one platform, including video security, access control, video intercom, and more

Full-scale security with convenient mobile apps

  • With the Hik-Connect app for end-users, you can manage all your alarm and other devices simply from the smart phone
  • The Hik-Partner Pro app helps installers supervise alarm systems & device status anytime from anywhere (with the end user’s authorization)
  • Open and easy integration with third-party monitoring software used by alarm receiving centers.

Maintain Your Alarm System in a Simple Way

The AX PRO System can be managed and maintained conveniently via the Hik Pro-Connect App or the Web Portal for installers. Installers and monitoring stations can supervise the alarm system status any time from anywhere with the end user’s authorization. What’s more, the health status report is a great tool for installer maintenance service updates.

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