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Home & commercial security alarm installation

Secure your premises with professional home and commercial security system installations. At Fallon Solutions, our licensed expert security installation technicians are dedicated to assisting you in selecting the ideal alarm system tailored to your building’s security needs. Trust our efficient, reliable, and professional security system installation service to keep your home or business safeguarded 24/7. We offer a variety of alarm installation options, including wired and wireless alarms, intercoms , access control systems , CCTV cameras, and more.

Protect your home and family with professional home security services.
Monitoring and protection tailored to your home’s requirements.

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Customised security installation services

Recognising that each home and business has unique security requirements, our qualified team provides personalised security solutions for every client. Count on our expert advice to help you choose the right security alarm. We exclusively use reliable, high-quality security products from renowned companies like Paradox Security, ensuring we have the perfect security solutions for all your needs.

Only the best in business & home alarm systems

The market is sadly filled with cheap imitation and inferior quality security alarms which happens to cause a lot of backlashes when it comes to either upgrading an existing system or having a new alarm system installed. Here at Fallon Solutions, we don’t believe in using cheap inferior products. This is why we mainly use Paradox security alarms. Due to their superior quality and advancements in alarm technology Paradox have positioned themselves as security alarm industry leaders.

Our alarm system is designed to deter intruders at the point of entry. Your home can be covered from 5 to 32 zones with 24/7monitoring that you can access and control from your smart phone.

The system also comes with different touch screen keypad options that can blend in with your home decor. The easy-to-use interface includes an arming and disarming system, emergency alarm, program timer and emergency telephone number storage.

Paradox Security Alarm System


There are many different variations and ways to set up a Paradox alarm system. The MG5050 is one of a few wired systems that Paradox has to offer.

Other features of the Paradox MG5050 alarm system include:

  • Secure up to 32 points of detection.
  • Control your security system with remote control convenience and one-touch button ease.
  • Protect multiple areas with one single system
  • A full range of wireless transmitters, including remote controls, motion detectors, door contacts, and smoke detectors are available.
  • Multipath communication – monitor your system’s status, receive notifications of system events, control the system – arm/disarm, open garage door, etc.

Custom security alarms

The Paradox home security alarm systems can be completely tailored to suit your needs.


Paradox alarm system app support

Paradox also has an application developed to support their products whilst you’re away from home or the workplace. If you have ever had someone, come to your property who cannot get in due to the alarm being turned on, your worries are now over. With the Paradox Insite Gold app, you can simply turn your alarm off or on with a few swipes of your finger via your smart device.

Insite Gold – iTunes App Store Description: Insite Gold connect and interface with Paradox systems for management of the security, Video verification and surveillance, automation and access. Developed for ‘one stop solution’, one application – full control.