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Upgrade your home or business in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redland and Morton bays, gold coast and Sunshine Coast with the efficiency of 3 phase solar inverters If you have a three-phase power supply, consider the advantages of this innovative solution. Fallon Solutions, serving Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and surrounding areas, is your go-to expert for seamless 3 phase solar arrangements. Contact our knowledgeable team to explore the benefits and possibilities today.


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Understanding 3 phase solar inverters?

A 3 phase solar inverter transforms DC power from solar panels into evenly distributed AC power across a three-phase supply. While most Australian homes have a single-phase electrical supply, a three-phase supply, with its three wires, allows for a more robust connection to the grid, enabling greater power transfer to your property.

Benefits of 3 phase solar inverters?

  1. More Balanced Load Bearing: Distributing inverter capacity in three directions reduces the strain on solar energy reaching the grid.
  2. Grid Voltage Stability: A three-phase supply minimizes grid voltage increase compared to single-phase alternatives.
  3. Increased Solar Export: Significantly more solar energy (3-6x more) can be sent back into the grid.
  4. Reduced Tripping: Fewer instances of excess voltage lead to less tripping.

Do I have a three-phrase electrical supply in my home?

To determine if your home has a three-phase electrical supply, safely open your switchboard and observe the number of ‘poles.’ Single-phase switches are ‘one pole’ wide, while three-phase switches are ‘three poles’ wide. If you have a three-phase supply, a 3 phase solar inverter is a recommended addition to enhance your property’s energy efficiency.

CEC accredited 3 phase solar specialists

Fallon Solutions boasts fully qualified and Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers, ensuring you deal with licensed professionals. Our solar team possesses extensive knowledge in deploying three-phase solar solutions across various environments, offering practical advice and top-quality options to all our customers.

Why choose Fallon solutions for 3 phase solar?

Compelling reasons to partner with Fallon Solutions for your 3 phase solar needs:

  • Established Since 1962: A trusted name with a rich history.
  • Punctual Service: We value your time and always adhere to scheduled appointments.
  • Licensed and Trained Professionals: Our solar experts meet high industry standards.
  • CEC Accredited Installers: Ensuring competence and compliance.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service: Round-the-clock assistance for emergencies in Brisbane and Gold Coast.
  • Confirmation of Arrival: We communicate our arrival time for your convenience.
  • 100% Work Guarantee: We stand by the quality of our work.

Professional 3 phase solar inverter experts

For more information on integrating 3 phase solar inverters into your current solar setup, contact Fallon Solutions today at 1300054488 . Trust the solar specialists in Greater Brisbane and across the Gold and Sunshine Coasts for reliable and efficient 3 phase solar solutions