Advantages of 3 Phase Solar

If you are researching solar power systems, you may have heard of different types of solar inverters especially single phase and 3-phase inverters. Depending on your electricity supply (single-phase or 3-phase power) your decision might become simpler. In most Australian homes, the power supply is single phase, which means one live wire comes in from the grid. Single-phase power supply is commonly used in Australian homes while three-phase power supply pulls more power from the grid and is useful to handle bigger loads for large aircons, pools, heaters, electric car chargers, etc.

Do you have a 3 Phase Power supply?

  • Check your switchboard – If the main switch is one pole wide, then your home is connected to a single-phase power supply. If the main switch is 3 poles wide, you have 3-phase power.
  • Alternatively, you can call your electricity provider and ask them about the power supply. Just keep a copy of your electricity bill handy.
  • Check the service fuse – Homes connected to a single-phase power will have one service fuse while for a 3-phase power supply, there would be 3 service fuses.

Most of the homes are connected to a single-phase power supply. Large homes, residential apartments and commercial buildings can have a 3-phase supply to manage the high electricity demand.

3-phase power is good to handle heavy loads from:

  • Spa
  • Sauna
  • Pool heater
  • Electric car charger
  • Ducted air conditioners
Growatt Solar Inverter

Single Phase vs 3-Phase Solar Inverter

A single-phase solar inverter has one live wire which connects to your home. While a 3-phase solar inverter has 3 live wires connected to your home.

A 3-phase solar inverter sends the electricity evenly across the 3 wires which minimises the voltage drop problem associated with a single phase power supply. It needs to be noted that a 3-phase solar inverter will probably cost more than a single-phase inverter.

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So should you buy a single phase or 3-phase solar inverter?

A single-phase inverter usually comes in a capacity of less than 5kW. But if you are looking for an inverter larger than 5kW, and you have 3-phase power in your home then a 3-phase solar inverter is ideal. If you have a single-phase power supply, you only need a single phase inverter.

For a 3-phase supply, the best solution is to go for a 3-phase inverter. However, if your solar power system is less than 5kW, go for a single-phase inverter.

Benefits of 3-Phase Solar Inverter

  • The 3 phase inverters come in a capacity of more than 5kW, up to 30kW which allows users to install a high capacity solar system.
  • 3-phase solar inverters manage voltage rise and reduce the chance of appliance failures due to high voltages as the voltage rise in a single-phase connection is higher than that of 3-phase power. By using a 3-phase connection, the power supplied to the grid is distributed evenly and leads to grid stability.
  • It increases the local grid voltage and your circuits will have less chance of short-circuiting due to high voltage issues.
  • If a 3-phase inverter is chosen, the consumers can meet their energy demands easily reducing their dependence on the grid for energy and leading to reduced utility bills.

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