Do I need to clean my solar panels?

Have you been wondering why your solar power output has suddenly dropped?

The dirt buildup on your solar panels could be to blame.

If your solar panels are dirty or covered in bird droppings, they won’t be able to absorb sunlight and will have reduced efficiency.

Generally cleaning solar panels isn’t necessary. In some cases rain is enough to wash off the dirt and debris from the panels, however, sometimes it is necessary to manually clean the panels. If you can see a lot of bird droppings on the panels even heavy rain won’t be able to clean the panels effectively. And if you live in an area prone to drought or an area with high amounts of dust or sand blowing around, regular cleaning is really important.

Why cleaning flat solar panels is necessary?

Flat solar panels need to be cleaned more often than tilted solar panels.

If water pools up on the flat panels, it has nowhere to go, and eventually the water will evaporate and leave grime behind. Leaves, dirt and other debris can also settle down on the panels lowering the energy output.

Why should you clean the solar panels?

  • It improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the solar power system.
  • Increases the lifespan of solar panels especially if it is located in dusty or dry areas or areas close to the ocean with salty air.
  • Ensures the solar panels are producing maximum output.
Solar Panels

How to clean solar panels?

Use a mild detergent, water and a soft squeegee to gently clean the panels if needed and they are safely accessible. Check the manufacturer’s instruction manual on the suitable cleaning agents you can use on the panel. Be very careful not to scratch the solar panels and ensure you take the required working at heights safety precautions.

What not to use when cleaning your solar panels?

Never use a high pressure washer or strong chemicals to clean the solar panels. A pressure washer and strong chemicals can damage the panel and you might end up causing more harm than good.

Note: DIY solar panel cleaning can be dangerous for you and the panels! If you have rooftop mounted solar panels, we recommend that you call in professionals for the cleaning. Getting up on the roof can be really dangerous and you may end up hurting yourself.

Moreover, solar technicians can also check the system while they are cleaning and detect any problems that need to be addressed. Also, they will use the correct tools and equipment to complete the job correctly the first time.

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How often should you clean your solar panels?

Solar experts recommend cleaning the solar panel twice a year. If you live in a dusty or polluted area, consider cleaning it more often, i.e. once every 3 months.

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