Solar Power – Advantages and Disadvantages

Have you considered installing solar power systems?

If we could rank the best invention of all-time in the history of mankind, it would be electricity. Literally everything we use nowadays needs electricity to function! Wouldn’t it be unfathomable to imagine a life without electricity?

Electricity can be generated using conventional sources of energy like coal or gas. It can also be generated using renewable and green energy sources like the sun, water, and wind. In this article, we will discuss solar power systems and their advantages and disadvantages.

How do solar power systems work?

Electricity is the flow of electrons (negatively charged particles of an atom) in a closed-loop or circuit. Solar PV systems utilise the fundamental principles of electricity. A solar power system performs the following:

  1. Capture the heat energy from the sun in an array of photovoltaic solar cells made of the semiconductor, silicon.
  2. Solar panels comprise of metal like aluminium, glass casings, and wires.
  3. The solar panels produce DC electricity and solar inverters are used to convert it to AC to be used in your home.
  4. The electricity is supplied to your home and the excess electricity is fed back to the mains electricity grid.

Solar system installation

Whether you are looking to cut your electricity costs or do your bit to prevent climate change, switching to Solar Power System can add value to your property, reduce your carbon footprint, and cut back on your electricity expenses.

Solar Panels

Advantages of solar power

  • Sun won’t run out of its fuel for the next 5 billion years, unlike petroleum, fossil fuels, and oil. That makes it a viable source of energy to power our lives. Moreover, once it is installed, it doesn’t generate waste or create pollution.
  • The solar power systems manufacturers offer 20 -25 years of warranty, which means that the equipment requires low maintenance and offers value for money.
  • The electricity costs are rising every year. With solar energy, you can cut your electricity bills by almost 30-40%. You can sell the excess electricity your system generates back to your retailer and earn money.
  • Government is promoting solar system installations in households by providing generous rebates.
  • Technology has improved by leaps and bounds and will contribute to increase the energy efficiency of solar panels.
  • Promotes local job creation and improves the economy.
  • If you are connected to the grid, you can use electricity whenever you need. Alternatively, you could install a solar battery. Tesla has also come up with Powerwall and other manufacturers have solar batteries available now. A battery storage system can be used to store the electricity generated by your system to be used when your solar panels can’t work.

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Disadvantages of solar power

  • Like other power plants, large scale solar farms can create habitat loss and affect the local environment. However, the impact is still lesser compared to fossil fuels, petroleum, and natural gas.
  • The solar power system requires a medium to high initial investment. The government is providing subsidies so customers can still save on their electricity costs and install solar systems.
  • It can be expensive to relocate the solar power system if you decide to shift to another house.
  • The installation of solar panels requires a roof space large enough to generate sufficient electricity to meet your energy demands.
  • Manufacturing of solar panels generates pollutants, however, the impact is still reduced compared to other sources of energy.
  • Solar systems are dependent on sunlight and on cloudy or rainy days the effectiveness can drop. Also, solar panels need sunlight to generate electricity and don’t work during the night. If you are using an off-grid system you will need backup options like generators or battery storage.

Should you consider moving to solar power systems?

In a nutshell, although solar energy has its cons, it is still cost-effective and you will get a good return on your investment. The pros outweigh the cons, thanks to government subsidies, improved technology, and battery storage systems.

If this has helped you in making the plunge towards solar energy, contact Fallon Solutions to get the best deal on solar power system installation. We offer specialised and reliable solutions to meet your needs.

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