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Solar power systems – what you can and can’t do

Making adjustments to the solar PV system in your home may seem like a straightforward task. Often pulling a plug out here or connecting a lead there may look like a job anyone with a bit of common sense could do. In actual fact, anything to do with electrical equipment around your home, including those associated with a solar power system, must be carried out by a licenced electrician.

Electrical licensing requirements for solar PV power systems

Many homeowners are confused about what they can and cannot do as far as the setup and maintenance of their solar system. Worksafe Queensland has set out the guidelines to help avoid potentially dangerous situations occurring with solar power systems across the state.

“Installation and maintenance of PV systems (including both grid and non-grid connected systems) and associated wiring systems which operate at a voltage greater than extra low voltage (exceeding 50 V a.c. or 120 V ripple-free d.c.) is classed as electrical work.

This means electrical equipment including PV arrays and associated wiring systems, which operate at a voltage greater than extra low voltage, may only be installed and maintained by an appropriate electrical licence holder.”

An unlicensed person cannot make terminal connections to the electrical equipment or install supply conductors that will connect the equipment to an electrical source or carry out any other electrical work.

The only tasks associated with the solar PV system that you or anyone who is not a licensed electrician can do is:

  • locate, mount, and fix in place electrical equipment, including PV arrays.

Although, for safety reasons, our team recommend that these jobs are carried also out by an experienced solar installer or repairer as they have the correct tools, equipment and experience to complete the job properly.

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Home electrical safety

For the safety of your family, friends and anyone working in your home always enlist a licensed electrician to carry out all electrical work around your home.

For tips on maintaining your solar PV system, head to worksafe.qld.gov.au